WIN COURT CASES:. According to the world today is that winning a case is not easy. Everybody has a issue concerning with case in court. Everyday of your life you normally stressful. Cause you are scared about your case in court. I here by bring to you this spell which can get you a victory in court. IT’s full up with opposes. This court spell can be caste for in any situation you need it to perform for you. The spell is ready to fix what ever case it. May be in court that you are scared of normally.



Win court case using this strong powerful spell that will get you a win in court. This spell works faster and secure to everyone getting to court. This power spell makes lead in court. This will increases your hope in court and support. It slows down the arrest warrant that you are scared off. Even delays the time. That you are to be taken to court. Makes the witness to forget everything. This spell gives you an attitude to stand for your rights every time you are in a problem.

electric freezers have only invented in the 20th century. These spells actually date back to the days of ice box spells and ice spells. And they are are quite traditional in their origin. They have developed, via incremental deviation, from beef tongue spells in the hoodoo root work tradition.

The 20th century development, you place the prepared name and red peppers in the tongue and set in a glass tray of vinegar iced box. The vinegar SOURS their speech and the ice keeps it from going bad and FREEZES their words.

In a mid-20th century development, you douse the prepared name paper and tongue with vinegar and place the whole tongue in the freezer to FREEZE OUT their words.

In a late 20th century development, You wrap the name paper and red pepper in aluminum foil (no tongue). Douse it in vinegar and place it in the freezer.

From there it is a short step to eliminating the red pepper and/or the vinegar and just freezing the name-paper. Some people just freeze the name in alum and water, with a pinch of salt for protection and square


Trust me every thing in court will be fin if you happen to use my court spells in life. And no matte what case you have you have in court, will be won in just a short time. After all the court problems are done. I will also help you avoid any more going to court for any more charger.

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