Magical spell to neutralise your love.

To neutralise love or a relationship can mean many things. You can either want to balance it so that every one has the same feelings over the other. In the other way you can make it get doen by neautralising it . May be you are tired with the whole relationship or you have someone nwew nd you want to get away with this ols person. You want this but deep down you you want it to be natural without any one getting hurt. You want to let go of your lover in the most peaceful of ways. This all possible with my magical chant to neutralise your love. You can get rifd of him without you naturally killing him. mY My magical spell can d =o this for you and you pay after the hole process is done.

Magical spell to mke him go away and find someone new.

You might let him go and never in your life get someone like him. This is what you fear. You want to replace him with someone even better. This neautralisation spell, can also effect this. yOU can get rid of him and hence the ancestors will guide you to the new spevcial person who is going to get into yur lufe. ThIS time take caution because my spells are permanent and they are irreversible. Their effect is long lastinga and a frevr moment. You will have gto cast this powerful spell so ass to let him go but take caution on who you are bringing in. You never want to spend the rest of your life staying with someone who does not treat you well.

Why this spell.

This spell has a lot of benefits. The can bring you hppiness in your life and also repalce someoen for good. You will not regret using thi spell. t will make you feel like you did the right thing until the very end.

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